Lake Etiquette

Please don’t feed the ducks or geese

The geese that visit Silver Lake produce a prodigous amount of feces which pollutes our water and makes it unhealthy to swim in. Further, the geese “adopt” our lake and breed, becoming an increasing problem each season.


Ducks and, especially, ducklings are very entertaining creatures. Unfortunately, they carry a parasite which causes a condition called “swimmer’s itch”. Swimmer’s itch causes a very unpleasant itching/burning sensation. Feeding the ducks encourages them to linger on Silver Lake and increases our exposure to the parasite.

It is against the local laws to feed either bird!

Don’t use fertilizer or insecticides within 250 feet of the shoreline.

Insecticides kill certain marine organisms which are important to the lake’s food chain. Fertilizers generally contain phosphorus which promotes “algal blooms”. These blooms are unsightly, and often, odiforous.


NH shoreline protection act provides stiff penalties for such violations!

Milfoil and other invasive species

Milfoil and other invasive species are a problem in many local lakes. Silver lake has been successful in preventing any invasion. Please help us to protect our lake by inspecting and cleaning your boat and trailer and by using the boat washing station at the launching ramp.