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Current Lake Conditions

Current Water Level: -18 inches

Surface Water Temperature: 32f+-

Lake Condition: partially frozen, thin ice

Recent Readings:
Water Clarity: 7m (23ft)
Ph: 6.98
Depth Of Surface Layer: 5.7m (18.7ft)

Date Of This Posting: 03/28/2021

Mission Statement

The mission of the Silver Lake Association of Madison shall be to:

• Promote and protect the general welfare of the lake and its environment

• Monitor the quality of the water in Silver Lake

• Conduct programs to support an active and informed membership

• Encourage the support of the Town of Madison in accomplishing these objectives.

Officers and Directors

Ted Kramer - President

Nancy Devine - Vice President

Cynthia Lord - Treasurer

Jill Newton - Secretary

Steve Bartlett, Paul Littlefield
Joanna Lucy,  Doug McAllister, David Scarborough


Doug McAllister, Website Administration


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